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Velvet Basement offers the highest quality recording, mixing, mastering, and music production.




Make recordings with confidence!  Capture your music with world-class precision and clarity!


We have premium microphones, mic preamps, Protools HD, combined with high-end outboard gear from SSL, Manley, API, Tubetech, Lexicon, Eventide as well as all the sought after digital plugin bundles from Waves, Avid, Antares, and more. 




"When you are tired of dull, thin-sounding ITB (In-The-Box) mixes from your home studio, come over to Velvet Basement and take your songs to the next level!" 


We will mix your music through our Dangerous 2-Bus Plus Analog Summing Mixer combined with the crystal clarity of our Apogee converters giving the dimension, depth, bottom, and that "Major-Label" sound your music is missing!


Mastering is a vital part of the recording process and is often overlooked.


After we mix your songs to perfection, we will use professional analog and digital enhancement to limit, compress, equalize,

"de-ess", and add any other sonic character or quality essential to achieve the desired commercial quality!

We can add additional vocals or instruments to enhance your project!


Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, keys, drums etc. can be added to enhance your recording.  If your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize your sound on the spot. For example, adding a "fatter", "punchier" kick drum, piano, strings or horn part to a dull sounding beat can make a world of difference.


We'll be glad to discuss your goals and project costs.


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